Tbc9 Officials


June 11, 2021

White Paper

Kringle swap is a new revolutionary community driven decentralized token, initiated by the TBC community to improve the Community-Driven model without price manipulation by whales or celebrities on social media. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn.

Kringle Swap (KST) provides deep liquidity between TBC Coin, making Kringle Swap the ideal medium of exchange and store value of TBC. Meanwhile, the transaction fees generated at Kringle Swap are used to back the stability of TBC Coin.

As a decentralized smart contract platform, TBC requires a utility token to function. KST, is central to the design of the network and can’t be removed without sacrificing security and essential functionality.

KST Ecosystem is an open and decentralized system. TBC Treasury provides funding to projects that contribute to the adoption of Kringle Swap, and will receive corresponding liquidity support.

TBC Community work together to bring Financial Stability and Transparency to the world economy, and even further…

KST will let its users to earn, trade and win big. Notably, to be a real game changer in the industry. The AIT system integrates blockchain technology to provide unique AI software for the worldwide crypto community.


Blockchain Database: Power of Stake (POS), Decentralized and scalable blockchain with database capabilities, highly usable for decentralized application development.

Blockchain Development Platform: Customized solutions for TBC Merchants and organizations across industries with secure and performant blockchain platform.

User-friendly Blockchain Creation: Our blockchain development platform makes the technology as user-friendly as possible and greatly ease the burden for developers while exceeding project requirements.


I. KST is the used for all the transaction related to TBC trade, Exchange, Referral Income, Reward Program, Wallet Activation, Tpin Creation etc...

II. As there are Many fake TBC Transaction and Coin Circulating in the Community, to overcome this intense problem, TBC Developer Team worked hard to create, a highly Secure with Scalable, decentralized, cross-chain network designed to bring non-fungible tokens to everyone.

III. All the Active TBC9 Member holding TBC in their TBC9 wallet will Earn reward Every Day in the form of Kringle Swap, can be withdrawable in cryptocurrency (BTC, Waves, Tron Etc)

IV. Active User will get free KST in their wallet on the basis of No. of active referral in their account.

VI. All Upcoming Referral Income & Reward Income will be Credited in the form of KST.

Who is behind this?

The TBC Developer team and advisors have been around for a while and have over 10 years of combined crypto experience. Each member has managed tons of projects in the crypto space.

A mix of talented individuals at the top of their fields is here to build a unique skill set to have a fun and successful journey from crypto start-up ideation to execution.

Multichain Decentralized Platform?

TBC will be incorporating multiple chains including but not limited to Waves, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron and Cardano.

That will allow us to bring our community unique and top-quality deals regardless of the chain and help projects on different chains with the fund raising.

Total Supply & Allocation?

Total Supply of 1000000000 KST will be in Circulation.

30% of KST is available for free float Market Cap

30% of KST is reserved for TBC Community.

20% to maintain the Sufficient liquidity in the Exchange.

10% for Development Community.

8% for Reward &Referral Income.

2% Social Welfare.

Initial Value & Affecting Factors?

Initial Value of KST is 0.001$. Due to Limited Supply & high demand of KST, its value gets appreciated soon in short span of time. All the TBC9 community member will get huge benefits & reward in the form of KST coin. Our Global TBC Investor community, has set a target of $100 till Dec-2021

Future Prospects?

Increase anonymity with transaction mixer

Dapps Android Wallet for safe storage of TBC.

Smart Contracts

Multi-Sig using Fingerprint and Facial Recognition ID

Real time roadmap (Updates Status)

Peer-to-Peer Market for TBC

Ecosystem exchange

Scaling transactions

Community Voting Centre for updates

ASIC resistant & GPU unfriendly mining

Final Launch?

KST will be Listed in Waves Platform Exchange on 11.06.2021; 09:00 PST

KST will be available for Trade/Buy/Sell from 12.06.2021; 09:00 PST

Let’s Break the Crypto Barrier.

Developer Team,

The Billion Coin