Tbc9 Official

Kst token withdrawal update

January 07, 2022

The kst coin withdrawal from tbc9.net is limited to 10% every month in order to stabilize the coin's rate and preserve the currency's growth. If the firm continues to distribute limitless coins to everyone, the rates will decrease substantially, and the objective of $100 will never be met. 

As a result, in an attempt to uphold the balance between purchasing and selling, the company only allows a 10% withdrawal from the wallet every month.

As we put additional stages of the website online, the advantages that holders will receive will grow, as will the rate, as more and more people buy the coins.

As a result, in the future, you will be able to purchase additional coins and receive prizes in a variety of formats. You might get perks by encouraging your friends and acquaintances to acquire coins.We are asking you to do this in order to keep the website's liquidity and growth, as well as the holders'. The concept of liquidity encompasses a wide range of factors, all of which have an influence on the price of Bitcoin.The ability of an asset to be converted to cash on demand is one definition of liquidity.Thus, implies that there will be discounts or premiums linked to an item when buying or selling and that it is simple to join and exit the market.