Tbc9 Official


January 11, 2022

We have included new functionality to our new KST wallet software that allows for simpler transactions through QR codes. The element is provided by Qryptal's Secure QR codes is that the user's information is protected at the time of exchange using a unique private key under the issuer's control and thus preventing unauthorized edits or tampering.

Our previous tbc9.net users may enter their information into the new app and retrieve coins from their tbc9.net wallet. After entering your username and password, the coins will be transferred to your new wallet. After that, the user may scan this QR code and use it to make payments anywhere.

If the trust wallet does not provide kst wallet the authorization to extract coins, the user must add coins to the kst wallet using the id from the kringle swap.net app, and then load the kst in the app wallet and pay it to a merchant who has a qr scanner. This whole process will take place thru a private server where all your information will be safe. Depending on the number of coins loaded, users will receive benefits in the form of gift cards and vouchers.

If trust wallet does not give any permission, then you can add kst through wallet address which is automated after 2 or 3 confirmations, then kst will be presented in the wallet.  After that, it can be transmitted from user to user and wallet to wallet to enhance transaction volume.

A secure QR code is analogous to a blockchain's immutable ledger (since it is tamper-proof and secure). The benefit is that, because the verification is decentralized, the validator-user can still validate without being a member of a network (which is required in Blockchain). As a result, secure QR codes bring together the best of both user and app. Other advantages are that listing in exchange will be easier, our user base will grow, and it will encourage users to avail benefits of discounts and cash backs. Our app's future is excellent, and we may expect high rates of up to $100. As a result, we should encourage more individuals to purchase and retain kst coins in order to reap the benefits.