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Can used TBC as merchant ?

TBC9 Members can now used their TBC into Merchants. Businessmen will now surely Accept TBC as payment because they can now exchange their TBC into Cash. TBC will now used in Worldwide.


What makes TBC9 Wallet more secure than other digital wallets?

TBC9 Wallet was designed for privacy, is non-custodial and uses an open-source, block-chain based ecosystem to verify credentials.


When TBC coin will get listed in global exchange.

The Procedure for Listing a TBC coin in the global exchange is started from a mid of year 2019. The Billion Coin will soon get listed on the Global Crypto Exchange, Once TBC9 wallet hits 100K (1 Lakhs) verified members.


What is TBC9 Wallet

Tbc9 v2.1 is an upgrade to the existing Tbc009 network with more enhanced version of TBC global syndication network, which already facilitates 1 billion members.TBC9 Wallet is free to use. To maintain a block-chain network, there